November 29, 2015

Night Ops on PoLA

"Honey, did you put up the Christmas Lights?"
"Yes dear, I did."
"But I don't see them outside."
"Outside, I thought you meant on the layout. Oops."

Yes, Christmas is the time to put up lights to decorate the house. So I started with the pier shed on the PoLA layout. I installed three Walthers Scene Master Modern Short Arm Wall Mount Lights on the walls of  the pier shed. There are pretty close to the lights on the prototype. The Walthers lights use 12V.

I also added 4 Miniatronics N Scale 1.5V Lamps with shades to represent the smaller lights found on the prototype.

Since I had two different voltages, I had to make sure I wired them correctly. The 1.5V lights will burn out instantly if you put 12V on them.  I had both a 12V and a 1.5v power supply on hand, so hooking them up was pretty easy.

With the lights installed and the final details added, I glued the pier shed building to the layout. It's just about done. Now to work on the pier alongside it.

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