November 25, 2015

Filling The Maw

Test of the PoLA Money Shot with hand-held iPhone.

The Maw- Halo players will get this.

Fence gate before painting and barbed wire

I added the fence gate to the front portal of the pier shed. I soldered some 0.032 inch phosphor bronze and brass rod to create the gate frame. It is very sturdy. I test fit it so it was a snug fit in the portal.

 Then I glued an oversized piece of fine tulle  fabric (veil material) to the frame using CAA. I then trimmed it to the size of the frame.  To trim the tulle  I used a sharp XActo knife. Next I primed it gray and then painted the vertical posts silver.

To simulated the plastic privacy panels I used a piece of construction paper painted the trim color. I glued it to the back of the tulle. I did not weave it in between the chain links as on the prototype. But I like how the tulle is visible in front of the paper.

Lastly I added signs and barbed wire made from lycra string.

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