November 15, 2015

A Capital Idea

I was wondering how to make the capitals on the decorative trim for the pier shed. I tried a couple ideas using laser cut paper and laserboard. But they didn't work out as the side walls of the capitals are too small, and folding the parts was not possible.

So in the end, I used small bits of 0.060 by 0.060 styrene  glued to 0.30 inch wide 0.020 inch thick styrene. I used wood putty to fill-in the small gaps on the sides.

The roof edge trim is 0.060 triangular stryene rod.

This afternoon Jack Brown, from Williamsburg, and his friend, John Carrol, from Arlington, VA visited the layout. John is a real estate developer that is interested in the civil war. Jack has a HO layout based on the Western Maryland.  You can see images of his layout here.  He also wrote one of the Western Maryland Color Guides.  Western Maryland Color Guide to Freight & Passenger Equipment 

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