November 2, 2015

PoLA Paving Proceeds Per Plan

Finished section of San Clemente Ave
I finished base coat painting PoLA pavement today. Then I started detailing the San Clemente Ave section of the pavement. I followed the prototype photos available on Google and Bing Street views.
Prototype area modeled. I am omitting the fence as it is on the edge of the fascia.
The avenue in this area has a single lane of jointed concrete and another lane of asphalt, which in many places is in poor condition.

Laser-cut stencil
I used masking tape and acrylics to paint the stripes. I used a laser-cut mask to cut the "STOP" sign painted on the road surface.

Typical pavement section
I used a colored pencil to draw the joint lines and cracks. I applied  Sandstone colored acrylic wash to the concrete area, and a medium gray acrylic wash to the asphalt lane.

Next I added small tufts of Silfor grass in the cracks and along the shoulder.

Finally, I laser cut some manhole covers and storm drains, again following prototype photos as a guide. I trimmed away sections of the task board pavement and countersunk the manholes and drains into the pavement. Thanks to using task board it was easy to remove the areas below the drains. Looking into a 3D drain is kind a cool.

This weekend, I also installed a TCS Wow Sound decoder with the RTG-MB1 motherboard into a Athearn SD40. This board has a keep alive capacitor and associated circuitry. It works great and the SD40 runs smoothly across the layout.

Next, I need to learn how to adjust the sound parameters to get that set up for an SD40.

Countersinking the manholes and drains

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  1. Looks great! Need a reason to come try out your stuff down here? You need another beach visit. Lol!