November 23, 2015

Pier Shed Almost Done

The blue pipes enter the building
 through the window.
I did some work on the details for the pier shed. I added some of the signs and made the fire water pipes.

The water pipes for the fire suppression and fighting system were probably add-ons to the building. They make a colorful and interesting detail.

Next I need to add the lights, flag pole, some trim, a drain and some fencing.

Yes, that is the little old lady from Pasadena. She now drives a Porsche.

The model pipes before painting
The red pipes before painting.


  1. Are those some WWI sandbags I see in the street near the sewer intake? Regardless it seems that if there is a fire the water pipes are big enough to save the day.

  2. Yes, they are sand bags. I think they are due to some construction underway nearby probably supposed to contain mud from excavation.

    The actual water pipes are quite big. I made mine slightly under scale size to use 1/8th and 3/32nd tubes.

  3. Bernie

    Very impressive. Have you seen the Port of LA's Historic Resources Evaluation Report for the Port of Los Angeles Master Plan Update
    Photos of everything your modelling. Really love the photo backdrop.

    1. Thanks. Yes, I had seen that document. It is a neat location to model.