November 12, 2015

Test run on PoLA

Work in progress. Here an Athearn SD40 with a TCS Wowsound decoder and  keep-alive  circuit pulls some Atlas and Fox Valley freight cars past the under-construction pier shed on the PoLA.  This is a quick hand-held iPhone video as I was wrapping up for the night.


  1. Bernie, have you considered adding some Soundtraxx Soundcar modules to the boxcars?

    Keith Hayes
    Leadville in Sn3

    1. I have not considered that yet, but I will look into it. I was thinking about adding a decoder to my stereo system under the layout to get the booming bass. But, then I considered the reaction that CINCHOUSE might have to shaking the basement ceiling. The idea would be to have a decoder hooked to the stereo that one would consist with the locos.