October 8, 2016

Speed Module Challenge - Day 2

base coat of ground cover
After dinner tonight I shaped the foam terrain and added the base coat of ground scenery to Appomattox Station. For the base coat I used a mix of Durhams Water Putty, sifted dirt and red-brown acrylic paint.

While that was setting, I drew up the laser file for the structure shown in the picture. I am not sure if it is the station or just a home. (This link has a good description of the battle and t he location of things)I had a very similar N Scale model I built several years ago, so the file was easy to draw. I modified the windows to use N scale Grandt Line castings, of which I have a good supply.

I will have more time tomorrow to start the scenery and details.
laser cutting the house
Testing the placement of the house

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