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October 18, 2016

New Products Announced at the 2016 ACWRRHS Meet

In my previous post I failed to mention that Dave Schneider of SMR trains announced a bunch of new products in O and HO scale. Dave Bright also announced a new book he has written on the Confederate's capturing  and transporting locomotives and cars from the B&O and ALH RR's.

SMR Trains has some of the products already posted on his website. Others will be forthcoming. The first products for sale are laser cut O scale box cars in kit or RTR form.  See the image below.

Next on tap are O scale figures, tools, artillery, and other impedimenta.  He also showed the prototype for models of the Lee-Brooke Gun in O and HO scale.

Dave Bright's new book will be out in a few months. It is a detailed look the facts behind the great locomotive caper and Thomas Sharp's role in it.  Check his web site for more details. 

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