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October 8, 2016

Speed Module Challenge - Day 3

The base ground cover dried overnight. So I added the first coat of scenery using various ground foams, dried leaves, static grass and other scenery materials I have on hand. I then used a photo flood light to help dry the dilute white glue that I used to secure the scenery to the base coat.

While the glue was drying, I worked on the station building. It's a simple model I made with laser cut 0.032 inch plywood, Grandt Line windows and paper shingles. The columns are tooth picks.
I painted the walls a Vallejo Cavalry Brown, a reddish brown color, as that is what the B&W photo suggested to me.

Weathered Kato Unitrak looked surprisingly good.
Once the base scenery was dry, I removed the protective masking tape from the track. Then I airbrushed the plastic Unitrak roadbed, ties and rail in various shades of Vallejo Rust and Mud Brown. Using fine sand I added more ballast to the Kato Unitrack hide the ties to make the track look a bit more weathered and worn.  I was pleasantly surprised at how that worked out.  I added small tufts of Silfor grass  in between the ties to make the track look even more weathered.

I made a simple worm fence with small pieces of basswood. I pre-stained the parts before gluing to the scenery. Then I added some of the trees I made two nights ago. I didn't use all the trees I made as there isn't enough room on the small module. It's looking a little crowded already. Lets call it selective compression.

Bachmann 4-4-0 as a destroyed loco- should I use it?
Next tasks are the back drop, the destroyed rail cars, a landing platform, and some figures. I have an old Bachmann 4-4-0 that I could use as a destroyed loco (see photo at left). But I never really liked the look of that model, so I'll probably not use it.

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