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October 9, 2016

Speed Module Challenge - Complete

I wrapped up work on the TTRAK module challenge. Here is a photo on the front yard in direct sunlight. This video shows a time lapse of the construction. Enjoy.

Some thoughts on the experience. The last two N Scale projects I built (the Pioneer Mills Diorama and this module) were fun, but they did not make me want to change my ACW layout from O to N scale. I believed and still believe that O is the best scale for ACW if one has the space.

My N scale eye balls were not calibrated properly for this project. I should have made the fence with thinner wood stock.

I was very pleased with how the dirt, paint and weeds made the Unitrak look like weathered civil war track.

The 1 foot square TTRAK format is really tiny. Even in N Scale it was impossible to fit in all the planned elements. For example, the planned shed and some of the trees just didn't fit.

Overall it was a fun diversion. It will be fun to see trains run on it next week. If you will be at the ACWRRHS meet in Memphis next week you will probably see it in operation.


  1. Thanks, Bernie! I look forward to seeing the module in Memphis!

    What wood stock did you use, and what would you recommend?

    1. I used 1/16 inch basswood for the fence. I should have use 1/32nd or 1/64 plywood.