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December 21, 2009

Basic scenery for Potomac Creek

The Potomac Creek bridge is almost done, so it was time to prepare the scenery under the bridge. Once the bridge is installed I won't be able to reach very far behind the bridge.

First I cut the 1x2 temporary bridge piece. Then I cut away some of the rock outcroppings to make room for the bridge abutments. The selective compression is affecting the natrual look of the abutments, but i think it will end up OK.

I installed the rubber rocks mold to the base scenery using hot glue. I cut it into sections to better fit the curved slope. Then I used a mixture of Durhams Water Putty, sifted dirt, acrylic paint and water to make a clay colored scenery base. I applied it with a spatula and paint brush to blend in the rock carvings and stream bed. Next I need to touch up the paint on the backdrop, especially where the creek meets the backdrop. Then the rocks must get final paint and dry brushing, ground cover, stream bed detailing, etc.

Here is the nearly finished bridge place temporarily in position. The stringers and ties will bring the rail height to the proper level. Then I will adjust the abutments underneath. This is reverse on how an actual bridge is built, but should work out here.

1 comment:

  1. Lookin' absolutely great Bernie! Like your meandering river under the bridge... can't wait to see in person.

    Wish I could get past the point of benchwork and backdrop... want to start layin' some track.