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December 27, 2009

A Distinguished Visitor

Mr. D. Emery, a noted New England RR executive, visited the USMRR A&F today. Here Mr. Emery is discussing installation of a new switch stand with General Haupt. Mr. Emery is a British 1/48th scale figure based on Mr. George Stevenson, the developer of the first practical steam locomotive, the Rocket. He was painted by Dave Emery and given to me as a Christmas present. He used a combination of acrylic and oils. It is well done. Thanks Dave.

In the meantime, work continues on the roadbed. My brother Marco took a crack at it, but was having trouble getting the spline to flow evenly without kinks. I was able to get some nice flowing splines using my 30 inch radius track template. The trick is to let the splines take their natural curve. He was trying to force easements and was having trouble with cracking and kinks.

Note the holes in the wall to allow the track to arc through the closet before returning to main room. The track will be hidden under a hill side as it traverses toward the harbor in the workshop.

The fascia here needs to be replaced as it needs to be higher at the back to allow for a sloped hill. The hill will help hide the view of Falmouth when standing in the aisle near Brooke, hopefully making the layout seem larger.

The plywood table is a remnant of an earlier N Scale layout. The radius of the inside curve is too tight for the O Scale track plan so I will need to pull it out.

The bottom photo shows the roadbed on the north side of Potomac Creek. The bridge is not yet done, so I won't be able to lay the track here until it is.

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