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October 22, 2012

A section too far?

Bill Mosteller, proprietor of Great Decals, stopped by to see the layout tonight. After a quick tour and running a train around the layout, he offered to help move the Road Show to the basement. With his and AW's help we got all the sections and tools moved to the basement. The garage is  cleared up so the car can fit back in there.

Three sections is all I can set up at one time in my basement. Anybody want a layout section?
A couple observations on moving the layout. The sections are fairly light, but they are bulky, especially the bigger ones.

The valance supports are just too tempting to use as handles.  I need to  beef them up so that they can  act as handles if necessary. The legs will need some type of locking mechanism for both the down and up positions.  There may be an existing table leg hardware solution we can modify. Bill mentioned that he was impressed with the folding legs but agreed that a locking device was needed.


  1. Hey Bernie,

    If the legs weren't already hinged, I'd suggest these: http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=9993&rrt=1 I've had pretty good luck with them. Something to think about for ACWRR Road Show 2.0. -- Keith

  2. I did see those on a google search. Alas, we already have hinges on the legs. I think the easiest and sturdiest approach now is a diagonal brace made with 1/2 by 2 lumber. The Lowes here has been stocking these smaller dimensional lumber pieces and they are quite handy, lightweight and cheap.