October 9, 2012

Road Show Design Tweak

I tweaked the road show design a bit. By making the left side a tad wider, I was able to tilt the tracks some more to make room for the turntable. With the engine terminal on the left end, the depot had to relocate to the right side. In this location it be a half-flat model to the gable top as opposed to a full model as on the previous plan. In this location it will be  reached by a reverse move, which will add some switch interest.  With the run around and turntable that won't be a problem.

The depot track can hold three cars.

There was also room for an engine storage track on the other end with a water tank and wood rick.

The three-way turnout is not required. There is room to make it sequential turnouts if a three-way is problematic.

It all still fits on 4 ft sections. So buying lumber is  snap. Also, 4 ft sections will be easier to fit in a smaller SUV if we get one like my wife is talking about.  If anything needs to be a little longer it's the fiddle yard. An extra foot there would help allow 5 car trains and an engine.

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