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October 27, 2012

Exploring Expansion

The Road Show project is well under way, but I took some time tonight to flesh out some ideas that I had been thinking about for several months. I was motivated by the fact that the Road Show is currently occupying the same area that these expansion ideas would. Thus the Road Show demonstrates the feasibility of a layout expansion in this foot print.

I drew up two plans, one focusing on Alexandria and a second that expands the Aquia Landing area. I did not draw up the third plan I mentioned in the previous post as it would involve ripping out the current Falmouth section. That section is operating well, even with the tight turn back curve. So there is no burning need to replace it.

Extend Burnside Wharf

Of these two plans, I seem to favor the extended Burnside Wharf. I like the simplicity and  uncrowded look. I also like how it allows me to make the wharf at Aquia Landing bigger and closer to the actual wharf in appearance.

As much as I like Alexandria, that plan just seems too crowded to me. Although it  is more complicated than the Expanded Burnside Wharf plan, it would still only add one operating position to the layout. It might be possible to have two crews work Alexandria, but I think they would get in each others' way. 

I will be thinking about this as work on the Road Show and other projects progresses. No decision is needed just yet.


  1. I agree with you. Alexandria may offer more operating potential but it looks way too congested. If you do Burside, the backdrop will have to sell the scene. — Keith

  2. One way to better fit Alexandria in this space is to model it in a smaller scale. HO and even N, with the new N Scale stuff coming out, is a possibility.

  3. From an USMRR operator's perspective, I think that long run would be nice. And, I think two separate layouts may mess a little with people's minds.