December 3, 2015

Four More Weathered Cars

Who knew Alicia was a tagger!
This skull motif was based on a photo of Ich's 2000th tagged car.
Ich is a prolific tagger.
Lots of rust inside this one.
This car has coil racks inside. The tag is a home made decal.
I weathered 4 more cars tonight, 2 covered hoppers and two gondolas. I added graffiti to some of them and lots of rust on the gons.

I am not putting graffiti on both sides of most cars. That way I can have some variety when I take photos. I have a small number of HO cars,  so I can effectively double their photographic value with different weathering and graffiti on each side

I looked at some graffiti websites to get ideas. Then I made some of my own designs. I found it ironic that graffiti web sites ask you to "respect the artists" when the artists themselves has no respect for private property.

I don't like the idea of graffiti on rail cars, but as I have said before, it is an inescapable aspect of modern railroading.

Doing the model graffiti is kind of fun. The calligrapher in me finds the lettering styles interesting.


  1. Bernie,

    Those cars look fantastic! I especially like the rust on the sides of the CN gon and the effects on the green gon to the right of the UP car. Nice work!

    Tom Patterson

  2. I love the graffiti. I ride the commuter train to DC every day and see some really great tags along the way. Great work!