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December 20, 2015

Once More into the Breach

This is the first time I've seen a NS (or CR/PRR) train hit these diamonds.
I stopped by Baltimore Harbor at the golden hour this evening on my way home from a quick trip  up north.

Canton RR Sw-1200 at Penn mar Yard

Lots of graffiti at Penn Mar
I swung by Canton, MD and Fort McHenry.  This visit reminded me why I like Canton, MD so much as a subject for a railroad to model. In the short time I was there I saw two CSX trains working Sea Girt. While the Canton RR was quiet with it locos parked at the PennPar engine terminal, at the south end was a  special treat. There NS ran a outbound train across the diamonds at PennMar yard with loads of auto racks and empty heavy duty flats (that probably brought heavy equipment for export to Dundalk). This was the first time I ever caught a train using these diamonds in all my trips to Canton.

I noticed that the GM Plant and the Lever Bros factories have been completely torn down and replaced with distribution warehouses. Still, PennMar yard still looked quite busy with an interesting mix of cars.

I did a quick drive by the old PRR grain elevator, where now the NS Savannah is docked. National Gypsum was working on what looked like recycled sheet rock. CSX had a set of 6-axle power idling at the SeaGirt rip track.

Next I went to Ft McHenry to get some shots of the harbor. As I arrived, a Moran tug was guiding the tanker Concord to Locust Point. Across the bay a half dozen ships could be seen. Three were busy at Rukert Terminal unloading various bulk cargoes. Auto carriers, a coal bulk carrier, and a container ship could be seen in the distance.  All in all a very busy Sunday evening.

And while I was out rail fanning, AW and Nancy went to see The Farce Awakens. At dinner she said she wants to see it again. Maybe that time I will go too.

Visitors watching the Aquia Line intro video
On Saturday, Mark Hadley, the General Counsel at CBO and his cousins, Darren and Julia, visited the Aquia Line. Darren is a "closet" model railroader (that is he has Lionel trains in his closet.) They seemed to have a good time and asked a lot of questions about the layouts.

They even got to run some trains and sample Alicia's caramel brownies.

NS Savannah at Canton

Spare power idling at Sea Girt rip track


  1. Bernie, thank you very much for taking the time to show us your layouts, particularly on such a busy weekend! The craftsmanship is truly inspirational. I'm looking forward to seeing the new sections as they come on line. Be sure to thank Alicia for the delicious carmel infused brownies!

    1. It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. Now, to get those trains out of the closet......