June 2, 2016

Prepare to Abandon Ship

I am getting close to finishing the ship model.

I added the bow details. Most of these were castings from the kit and  were pretty good.  I used them with just some clean up.

I scratch built the cranes using photos of an actual ship. I simplified the complex curves  on the base unit that most of the cranes on ships like this have, but I did convey the cantilevered look as the cranes "hang" over the hatches.

I made new parts for  the life boat launching ramp. I also did a bit of detailing to the lifeboat to make it more realistic. The utility raft required some repairs as the casting was broken. I also scratch built the crane as the kit parts were very crude, and too small.


  1. what kit are you using? I tried to find looking at your old posts but cannot see what kit this is.

    1. I started with a Deans Marine kit for the Anna Marie. The model is intended for Radio Control on a pond. As such it is rather basic and with coarse detail to survive use on a pond. I used the hull, which I cut at the waterline, and some of the included fittings. The rest I scratchbuilt to try to create a more "fine-scale" model.