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June 23, 2016

Rusty Tanks

Focus Stacking with an iPhone
Google street view of similar  scene on prototype
I finished painting the tanks for the Vopak Liquid Bulk Terminal tonight. The white tanks are Walthers kits. The three gray and one green tank are scratch built from PVC pipe. The painting process took much longer than the building process.

I used Vallejo Chipping medium to add peeling paint and rust metal to the green tank. That was a lot of fun. It is an interesting product. I think the next time I try the chipping medium I will use a very thin coat. I think I may have applied it a bit too thick on the green tanks.

I also made a road sign for the foreground based on an actual sign on Fries Ave. The distinctive sign points to the various berths on Mormon Island. It is another clue that this is the Port of Los Angeles.

The top photo is a focus stacked image using an iPhone and hand held. It is amazing how well it came out.


  1. Nice job! On ALL the projects. It's been fun to follow along.

    What software or app did you use to consolidate the stacked photos for depth of field?



    1. I used Photoshop CS5, but any stacking ap, such as Helicon Focus, should work.