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May 21, 2018

Module Frames Done

The module frames are done. John Drye helped me move them to the basement where I will continue to work on them. The garage is back to being a car storage room. It's a tight squeeze, but they do fit in my basement.

John posed by the modules at the lower height. We then changed the the module height to 50 inches.  The higher elevation allows me to push my portable Craftsman cart under the modules.

Note that the plywood surface is the street level. The tracks will be on an elevated stone viaduct abut 3.75 inches above the plywood surface.

Then I cut some foam core to mock up the main structure on the right side module, which will be a brick warehouse. The  warehouse  will be 24 inches along the track, while the back side angles for about 34 inches. I will have to truncate it to fit on the module.


  1. Is my module going to fit in there as well? Or do we need to do a work session at my place?

  2. What is the thickness of the top skin? It looks thin, 1/2" birch plywood?

    1. The top is 1/4 inch Baltic birch. This is street level. The tracks will be 3.75 inches above that.

  3. Bernie, I see that you will be the keynote speaker at the NER Convention in Mahwah NJ in September. I just wanted to pass along that there will be a Free-mo layout on site at the hotel. I am coordinating this with Free-mo modelers from NJ, NY, MD and MA. I know we talked at Springfield a year or so ago about you doing Free-mo modules and a book, so I wanted to pass this info along to you.