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December 31, 2018

Happy New Year

Sunrise at Daytona Beach Shores, Florida
Another year is upon us. It will be a special year for me, as January 30, 2019 will mark the tenth anniversary of my starting work on the Aquia Line and starting this blog.  I have a special treat planned to mark that event, and no, it is not tearing out the layout.

Tapered legs
We were  in Florida for two weeks during the Christmas vacation for  family time and golf. Nonetheless, I managed to get some layout related work done.

Planing the slabs
Domino holes for table top, didn't get them quite centered across the width, but they were all consistent. 
Table top glue up
Mock up of desk. Final assembly will happen in Virginia
      I hauled down a pile of maple lumber from Virginia to my brother's wood shop. There we used his tools to joint and plane the slabs, and cut the tapered legs. We also used my new Festool Domino machine to make floating tenons in the desk top. I returned to Virginia with the wood pieces to do final assembly and finishing.

Meanwhile, Seth and Stephen were modifying the Arduinos software and making a few other improvements to the circuits.  We'll get back on the telegraph system as soon as the revised parts arrive.

In the meantime, I have been super busy with a secret project. I need to wrap that up soon, as the back log of projects is getting out of hand.  My 2019 Do List is chock full of interesting projects, such as models for clients, and  new products for Alkem Scale Models, but it is starting to get scary.

Best wishes to all my blog readers. I hope you have a great new year. Thanks for your support by reading this blog.

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  1. Happy New Years Bernie to you and your family. Good to be somewhere warm for awhile this time of year, we are heading for Arizona tomorrow. Looking forward to reading about the continuing developments on you layout in 2019.