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December 3, 2018

Paul Dolkos's Baltimore Harbor District 10th Anniversary

Mat, Pete, John, Lance, Doug and Paul. (L to R) I took the photo.
Today I had an opportunity to operate on Paul Dolkos's Baltimore Harbor District HO scale layout. This op session marks the tenth year that the layout has been in operation. Participating in the event were John King, Mat Thompson, Pete LaGuardia, Lance Mindheim, Doug Kirkpatrick, Paul Dolkos and myself. Congratulations to Paul and Linda.  I put together a short video showing some of the action. Paul might not remember, but I had the honor of being the first outside visitor to the layout 10 years ago when he started. I still remember the small pile of sawdust on the floor.

Also, I should mention that Pete LaGuardia is also celebrating the 10th year on his large HO scale layout.

I ran the Carroll Street Job today.  Several years ago I did this same job and I came away inspired to build a similar layout. Thus was formed the germ of an idea for my PoLA layout. It has basically the same design concept  as Carroll Street, only enlarged to accommodate modern equipment. If you are looking for a small layout design idea, the Carroll Street part of Paul's layout is an excellent place to start. It's essentially a double ended siding with several spurs coming off it, but the spurs are long enough to have room for multiple cars and spots.


  1. Very nice video, Bernie- thanks for posting this. Paul's fine work has always been an inspiration to me and it's great to see the railroad in action. And congratulations to Paul, too, on the ten year anniversary!

  2. It was a fun day on a wonderful railroad - honored to be part of the crew!

  3. Thanks for posting this Bernie! It was a thrill to see what has changed since I last saw Paul's layout during an NMRA visit on 12/8/12. You were there and gave me some photo tips. I have been wanting to see your layouts, as well as Paul's again.