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January 18, 2021

ACWRRHS Group Build

We recently announced this on the ACWRRHS. I am posting it here too for general information. Some folks have already started. 

For the first time ever the ACWRRHS is holding a group build event.  In this event, anyone that wishes to participate will build a model under a specific theme.  The theme for the premiere event is “Civil War Era Box Car.”

This is NOT a contest. It is a way to get us involved in building and sharing our work, even if you don’t have a layout.  All skill levels may participate. Any materials may be used. You could start with ready to run model and re-letter and weather it it. You could build one the the kits available from our vendors. Maybe you want to 3D print something, that’s fine. just about any idea you want to try is OK. Get creative. You can display the model on a plain background, ot show it in a diorama full of troops and supplies. 

So you like the history, but are not a modeler? Try it anyway. You might enjoy it. You’ll end up with a memento of the group to display in your office or den. If not, at least you’ll get to marvel at everyone else’s work. 

You only do computer modeling? Fine, make a box car in your computer.  

You like to use cereal box cardboard for construction material, go for it. 

All you have to do it decide to join in and make what you want as long as it somehow relates to a civil war era box car. 

Now, for the rules, such as they are.

Starting date:  January 15, 2021. 

Ending date:  April 30th,  2021, just in time for the spring campaign seasons

Allowed themes: Everything is allowed from every theater of the war, any railroad, any setting,  as long as it involves a Civil War Era box car. Again, be creative. If you are not sure wether or not your idea fits within the frame, ask the group.

How it works:  If you plan to join in you can start a message thread on groups.io with the following Subject, “ACWRRHS 2020 Group Build, <Your name here>”   The thread will be where you describe your project and show progress. You can post pictures as you go. Others can comment on it as they see fit. 

The last  hard rule:  it must be a new project you are starting. You shouldn’t use a model that you have previously built. 

At the end of the time period, the group moderators will do a consolidated message showing model photos and or videos of all the models, finished or not. There are no prizes or penalties. That’s it. 

We look forward to seeing your builds as they progress. 

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