August 31, 2016

Brian Brendel's Mountain Sub Layout Plan

I finished up the first draft plan for Brian Brendel's new N Scale Mountain Sub Division layout, which is a later version of the Civil War era Virginia Central. The structures and details of some of the towns are still somewhat generic. We can improve them as information comes available. In the meantime, they have started work on the benchwork. I'll be heading out to Utah soon to confer with Brian to make any final tweaks to the plan.

While I'm out there I'll also start painting backdrops. As I recall, this will be the third basement where I will have painted backdrops for Brian. It's always nice to practice on other people's walls.


  1. Interesting how the layout design is done as if that center wall did not exist. Having the wall in my mind would have probably made me look at an alternative plan that wraps around the walls more, but this approach makes the best sense really. Just a matter of looking past the obstruction, right?

    1. I am not sure why Brian added the center wall. I don't believe it is structural. But it is there now, so we designed around it. It works well with the C&O Mountain Sub as the tunnels can act as scene blocks. The pit by Fordwick keeps the cement plant operator out of the main flow.

      The other requirement was to keep the upper right wall clear for a display case.

    2. I am at Brian's house now. The center wall is structural. We are painting backdrops this weekend.