August 10, 2016

A SSSS in the Mini-Mole

Right now the PoLA layout is a totally self contained and fully operational layout. The small layout can provide a couple hours of switching operation with surprising long cuts of cars.

In order to run more than two trains on PoLA (one on the layout and one in staging)  I needed a better way to take cars off the model staging yard in order to exchange them with different cars. This is sometimes called "fiddle" staging. Others call it a "mole." Since this is such a small closet under my stairs, I call it a "mini-mole."

I added a Super Simple Staging Shelf or SSSS to provide a place to put the extra trains. I simply added another wire shelf to the shelf rack. Then I secured two under cabinet LED lights that are chain able to the wire shelf with zip ties. To provide a solid surface I put a layer of 1/8th aspen plywood on the wire shelf. That's it. It took about 15 minutes not counting the shopping trip to Home Depot and ice cream with my mom at Coldstone Creamery.

 Now I have a place to store about 20 or more cars in order to make up different trains. There is just enough friction on the plywood that the cars don't roll once I made sure the shelf was level.

Yes, I have been tempted to add a backdrop and scenery to the staging tracks.

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  1. Hmmmm, now you got me thinking... I could use a mini mole/quad s. Danger, Will Robinson!