August 30, 2016

Tom Klimoski's Georgia Northeastern Layout

Tom Klimoski has built a gem of a layout in a relatively compact space. He has posted some excellent videos of it on his youtube channel. Here is one that shows a yard turn. The video is well made and showcases the fine layout work. It shows that even a modest size layout can offer interesting operation, a lesson I am learning from my PoLA layout.  I have not visited Tom's layout, but the video does a great job of conveying the scene and feeling of contemporary short line railroading.


  1. This model railroad was featured in the 2016 Model Railroad Planning (MRP). Lance Mindheim also wrote about it back in December:

  2. I really like Tom's layout, nice and manageable with lots of operational capability as well.

  3. Beautifully done, and it looks like it give you plenty of operating opportunities. Thanks for sharing