August 23, 2016

Crossing the Rubicon

First cut is the deepest
I Crossed the Rubicon on the Borax Factory expansion. I removed the existing sidings to the old Borax factory silos. This involved pulling up the track and one ME turnout. I scraped and sanded the surface to remove old ballast and pieces of Taskboard that I used for pavement.

Then I installed a Peco Code 83 Number 7 curved turnout and one piece of Atlas code 83 flex track. I used an existing curve template that I made for my former N Scale layout to shape the 19.5 inch radius curve with some nice easements. The curve along the centerline of the track is closer to 20" as I laid the template along the inside rail.

Before gluing it all down, I test ran some cars to see how it would look and work. These sidings will only see covered hoppers, so that is what I tested. They looked good rounding  the curve.

In this expansion I really like how the silos act as a bit of a view block across the cantilevered peninsula.

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