August 28, 2016

Borax Extension Benchwork Nearly Done

I just about finished the benchwork to the Borax factory extension.  I widened the extension as it approaches the wall to create a little more room for the  ship. The first image shows a cardboard cut-out mock up of the ship hull.While the extra width makes the aisle in that area a bit tighter, it allows for some open water between the aisle and the ship model. That should help prevent shoulders or loose sleeves from hit the ship as people walk by.

I put the Danica Marie ship alongside the borax wharf to help visualize how the scene will look.  This position of the ship allows the visitor to get a good look at it.

I do like how the borax silos and the ship superstructure act as a view block when you stand in the central operating pit and look across the room.

Once the spackle filler is dry, I'll sand and paint the fascia and add the dark blue color for the water.

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