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February 17, 2011

Detailing Falmouth - Sibley Tent

I stated detailing the Falmouth Station area with structures, loading platforms and tents. Here are some in-progress shots. The Sibley tents were extensively used by the Army and show up in many photos of Aquia Creek, such as here, or here. The injection molded Renedra bell tents are too small by about 50 percent to be used in foreground O Scale scenes for Sibley tents. They also are not quite right in terms of panel construction for Sibley tents.

I built this depot structure  about two years ago to fit this spot. It finally has a place to go.
I plan to remove the floor of the structure so I can do some elementary detailing inside.
The scene is is slightly back lit by the room lights. I should use
auxiliary lights to photograph this area, but I didn't tonight as these are quick and dirty shots.

Here is my first attempt at an O Scale Sibley Tent.  They were 18 by 12 feet, and could house 12 men. In the model Paper  simulates the canvas part and the tripod is brass wire. It is hard to capture that sagging cloth look with paper. The outside profile of the tent should had a slight curved or parabolic shape while the paper is straight.  I started adding the rope ties for the tent pegs, but didn't finish. The Sibley tent had 24 tent pegs. 
Here is the tent with the tripod secured inside. I still need to finish adding the peg tie down loops.

I plan to add a tent alongside the depot building. Here I am trying out the Sibley tent to see how it looks.
Note the hard tack boxes piling up.

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