February 10, 2011

Water under the bridge

I poured a two part resin to simulate the water in Clairborne Creek over on Monday night. I used Magic Water. I tinted the resin with two tiny drops of Krylon Camouflage Brown and Camouflage Olive.  The manufacturer recommend a solvent based tinter and not water based acrylics.

I used blue masking tape to seal the front fascia. Unfortunately either my textured paint surface, or the tape itself was incompatible with the resin. After about an hour the resin seeped completely through the tape and started to drip slowly on the floor. Fortunately I was prepared for that and had covered the floor with sheets of cardboard and newspaper.

I rigged up some surface clamps using small sheets of masonite and a layer of plastic cling wrap. This applied an even pressure to the fascia and was sufficient to prevent further seeping. The rest of the resin  cured in place. 

By Wednesday the resin had cured. I removed the clamps, stripped off the tape. Using coarse sand paper I was able to remove the thin film of resin on the fascia. I touched up the fascia paint and all was well.

I haven't decided if I will add some ripples to the surface. I do need to touch up the banks where the resin crept up the scenery. But, overall I am pleased with how the water turned out.

I tried a second shot for the missing barrel story with my DSLR camera. The camera body is too big to allow the same shot as I got with my iPhone. But this one shows the exterior of the car. I also added a figure with a
barrel in the background. Hey guys, turn around!


  1. Nice work Bernie! That is definitely a slow flowing stream. Looks just refreshing enough to splash on one's face.

  2. Except for all the soldiers who have probably fouled the water upstream. One of the lessons US Grant said he learned in Mexico was that the health of the soldiers war markedly improved when the sinks were placed downstream.


  3. I've been following this blog for some time and I am really impressed with the level of research and quality work put into this. ~Gary

  4. Oops, I said "Fantastic!" a few blog posts earlier, but I hadn't seen this one yet! Simply superb! :-)