February 4, 2011

The Jays, B & D - Mini work session

The temptation of steak teriyaki and AW's brownies was too much for JB Weilepp and JD Drye, the Jays (kinda like the Bob's in Office Space). They showed up for a work session tonight. This was JB's first visit to the layout.
JB working at the terra forming
After dinner and viewing an intro video about the layout, JB began working on the terrain forms at the far end of the layout where the tracks make a 180 turn-back curve. My idea was to disguise this curve in a broad cut. That was what JB did, by cutting and laying in cardboard strips of the basic hill shapes.

JD consults a prototype photo for reference while building the revetment.
The basic terrain for the revetment takes shape
JD was going to assist JB when I mentioned that there needed to be an artillery battery revetment  to be installed just outside of Falmouth. JD's eyes lit up at the prospect and he tackled it immediately.

I thought about naming it Battery Drye, but JD thinks that the naming convention implies that the battery would have been name posthumously. So the name is not decided yet.

A hi-tech way to display your reference photo

While they were working I began to carve rocks at the cut just south Stoneman's Station. I used a prototype photo from the cut just near Potomac Creek as a guide. These cuts were made by the RF&P about 10 to 15 years earlier, so they have ample time to weather and become overgrown. Thus I added a pronounced lip at the top of the cut, where erosion has undercut the slope.

Carved rocks with a black wash to check the texture

Basic paint and wet scenery
Another view of the wet scenery

All in all it was a very productive session. JB got the rough land forms installed and very nicely contoured with an asymmetric hill. Very realistic. JD got the basic revetment installed and started the detailing. This revetment will be 1/56th (28 mm war game) scale to convey that it is further back than it really is.

How guys cut a brownie

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