February 17, 2011

Sibley Tents - Mark 2

I made two more tents, this time with fabric instead of paper. To provide a foundation, I cut circular disks out of 1/8th inch plywood. The disk also had a hole in the center for the pole. I threw away the first model and reused the pole from it.

One tent has an open top, the other has the cloth regulating flap.

These tents are fairly big and there aren't many level places on the layout where I can put them. I haven't decided where these will go. There are lots of pictures showing these tents literally trackside, sometimes even between the tracks.

Note the tents between the tracks and the locomotive in the background. City Point, VA.


  1. Nice tents.

    The fabric and paper versions both look good.

    Have you looked at any Crimean War photo's (encampments) for inspiration?


  2. I haven't looked at the Crimean photos very much. I tend to rely on photos from the ACW. The Crimean War is probably the first major use of a railroad in a military campaign. It would make for a very interesting, but obscure model RR, especially if you like mid 19th century French and British uniforms for your figures.