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March 14, 2011

Interior Decorating

I had some time this weekend to do some interior decorating, on my layout that is. It is a rite of passage for an O Scale modeler to detail a tool shed. So after lighting the appropriate candles and incense, I took my crack at the ritual.   I also added a stockaded Sibley tent to the Falmouth turntable area. In both cases I added details to the interiors as these structures will be close to the layout edge and interior detail can be seen.

A stockaded tent is one where the occupants add a log wall built like a miniature stockade to increase the tent head room.  I used twigs to make the stockade. I added some cots, blankets on ground with straw underneath,  hard tack boxes, some personal clothing in rolls and a small fire. As a visitor, if you crane your neck you can see into the tent.

I struggled with finding a good place to put the tool shed as the engine terminal at Falmouth is running out of space. I want a spot where the viewer can look into the shed and see the interior details. The spot in this photo is probably where it will end up. Some of the other details I am adding at Falmouth are visible in this shot.

I will make the roof of this shed removable so the interior can be viewed. With a roof the
interior is quite dark.
The workbench is removable for access and photos.


  1. Erm, were those sorts of clamps and wrenches (all of the red objects) available in 1863?

  2. Maybe. I tried to pick items that are period correct, but there maybe some anachronisms. The wrenches and vise are the items I m not sure of, the rest are ok.

  3. I found a link for a C clamp like this made in 1872. That's pretty close. http://www.old-woodworking-tools.net/c-clamp-19th-century.html

    I also found patents for adjustable wrenches from well before the ACW, though the style I have maybe post war. I may be able to make some of the older styles.

  4. I'm planning the interior for a structure that I'm scratchbuilding. Yours is great motivation...