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March 6, 2011

Like a swarm of locusts

I completed the section of scenery behind the engine terminal at Falmouth. The effect I was hoping to achieve is an area picked cleaned of edible, burnable or generally useful materials as if a "swarm of locusts" have arrived to quote Gerry Fitzgerald. This shot is a panorama of two iPhone snaps showing the scenery around the curve. This is track is actually curved but the photo merge software straightened it out. 

The camp scene in the background is more of Brian Kammerer's artwork pasted on my sky boards. I like how the colors in the artwork, scenery and painted backdrops all blend together. This is something that would be very difficult to do with computer printed backdrops.

For the grassy spots I used a Heki product that I spray painted with brown and olive to dull the colors a tad. Lots of ground leaves, small branches and dirt make the deforested look. The Falmouth water tank is just visible to the left. I know from train orders that there was a wood rick and water tank at Falmouth. I do not know what track arrangement was there.

After the locusts departed, Norm and Daylene Wolf and their daughter, Ida (too shy for a photo), stopped by to visit the layout.  Fortunately, they brought a batch of cookies to replenish the supply. 

Norm and Daylene checking out the bridge at Clairborne Creek.


  1. That is one heckuva nice job you and your 'mates are doing on that layout... Museum Quality! Awesome and thanks for letting us come invade your home.

  2. I love that first photo showing the blending of the foreground and background. Very, very impressive.