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September 21, 2012

ACWRRHS Annual Meet Sept 2012

The ACWRRHS is having its annual meeting in Baltimore this weekend. Joel Salmons has been setting it up and has arranged a good program. The program includes visits to the B&O Museum, President's Street Station, Irish RR Workers Museum, USS Constellation Sloop of War, Ellicot Mills Museum and the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

USS Constellation in Baltimore is the second ship with that
name. It was built in 1854 and served in the ACW
patrolling the Mediterrean.
 Unfortunately, it looks like attendance will be light. It really is too bad as the B&O Museum, which is on the agenda, is one of the best ACWRR resources available.

I will doing a talk on Saturday at the Convention Hotel. The subject of the talk is a layout update and a description or discussion of the ACW Road Show that Gerry and I have been planning.

On Sunday morning, the group will visit my layout. I expect to have the layout running with help from some assistants to keep things moving. 

Check the ACWRRHS Yahoo Group (see link at left)  for more info about the event. It is free and will be fun too!


  1. Dear Bernie,

    I only could wish to attend also but it is too expensive to travel this far at this moment in my life... I hope to visit the United States again in 2014 with my family and then in the last year of the 150 year ACW visit some good spots you mentioned and maybe if I'm lucky also your layout.
    Plans are to go from east to west that year in a approx. 4 week journey. Its the year that I and my wife turn 50 so that would be a great trip.

    I hope you and all the ACW Yahoo group fellows do have a great weekend!!

    Grtz, Ronald from The Netherlands.

  2. Shame, that's near me. Wish I'd read about this earlier, I could have planned to go. I would like to hear you speak.