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September 19, 2012

Base Scenery at Brooke

The road required some cuts and fills to make a more realistic grade.
I added the road and base coat of scenery to the remaining sections of Brooke.

I had to do a little surgery into the scenery surface to make a cut for the road that bisects the scene.  Cutting the layers of paper and plaster was easy. Once the cut was shaped, I reinforced the cut with fresh players of paper towels and hydrocal and Durhams water putty.

The road tapers to help force the perspective

While the road plaster was curing, I added the base coat of scenery to the remaining areas of Brooke. This means that all the scenery in the main room now has at least a base coat of scenery.

I used photoshop top remove the valance and lights
in this long view down the tracks at Brooke

Mike and Denise Yenchek, from the Pittsburgh area,  visited the layout on Sunday evening. Mike was formerly a tinplate O scaler, but is beginning to build a 2 rail ACW RR with either the W&A or the O&A as a subject.  Being new to 2 Rail and around the walls layouts, he hoped to pick up some ideas from my layout. Welcome aboard Mike and Denise!

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