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September 24, 2012


ACWRRHS Paul Dobbs, Joel Salmons, Jeff Goodson, Chip Borona, Alan Hart, Gerry Fitzgerald,
Bernard Kempinski (Left to Right) (Not in picture was Mrs Borona)
Mason sums it all up!
The ACWRRHS visited the layout today as part of their annual meet. They got to see the layout operate. There were also some civil war small arms on display as John Drye brought over a 1862 era Springfield Musket and Jeff Goodson had an 1858 Breech loading carbine. Jeff also brought some very nice models for show and tell.

Doug Gurin and his neighbor Jim examining a ACW era car float in HO scale

Bryan Kidd did a great job as a guest operator. He jumped right in and was running and switching

Jeff demonstrating his carbine's breech loading action

Private Brendel was on guard duty armed with John Drye's Springfield musket
In addition to the ACWRRHS, I invited some of the local modelers from our operations group to visit. Bryan Kidd, Tom Pierpoint, Nick Kalis, Marty McGuirk, John Drye, and Jake Brendel showed up. Derek and Kristen stopped by with their three boys, Eathan, Nathan, and Mason.  Add in my wife, mom and brother Marco and we had quite a crowd.

The boys really got a kick out of watching the train travel through the tunnel. So why bother with all the scenery, when the track through the closet was the most fascinating!

Trying to get the clan to stand still is not easy

The layout was running, but several DCC glitches kept popping up. To err is human but to really foul things up takes DCC. There has to be a better way! Stay tuned for more on that.....

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