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December 1, 2012

A cupcake too far

Gerry Fitzgerald and Joel Salmons stopped by for today's cupcake, I mean work,  session. Brian and Michele also stopped by after the Scottish Christmas Walk to have a cupcake and check the  progress. Last, but not least,  Doug Gurin, the now famous Model Railway Show podcast personality, stopped by for a status check, plus a cupcake and slice of Gerry's infamous chocolate cake from Charlottesville (too bad most of us are on diets).

Gerry and Joel score and snap the pink foam
Everyone was satisfied with the LED lighting, drapes and bunting. So we moved on to installing the pink foam layer. But first we had to make a trip to Home Depot to get supplies to finish the walls for the staging yard. Little did we know that we also needed fresh tubes of adhesive for the foam. Because when we got back, we discovered that the tubes of adhesive I had on hand were old and seemingly partially set. But, we were able to get enough adhesive to stick the pink foam panels to the benchwork.

With the panels glue setting, we did some mockups with laser cut track templates and a bridge mock-up.

Pink foam installed on the first two sections

Mocking up turnout locations using the mini-mock up as a guide

Weighing down the foam while the glue sets

A laser cut cardboard mock-up of the bridge.

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