December 20, 2012

Rail Gun Encased

The Land Merrimack posed on my O Scale layout.
I added a diorama pedestal base and acrylic dust cover to the rail gun model. The base is a solid plank of cherry that I cut and routed into a base. It matches the base for the Dictator diorama. I still haven't perfected the acrylic case technique yet, as I got a glue stain on the top surface. But it will serve the purpose of protecting the model from dust and fingers.

The section of track is code 100 rail on hand carved poplar and basswood ties. I added some grass tufts and various leaf and pebble texture to the soil. All it needs is a laser cut name plate and it is ready to display. I haven't decided if I should add a figure to the diorama. It might help provide a sense of size and scale. The model is built to 1:32nd scale.


  1. Wow! My compliments, you are a true artist. Great piece of work, I think the museum will be very proud to have it in their collection in 2013!

    Grtz, Ronald.

  2. A little figure resting his arm on the gun would be good I think. It would give visitors a good perspective of the size of the car and might help attract attention to the model.

  3. Very nice work Bernie! I agree; a figure leaning against the car would complete the display.

  4. Bernie, even your mistakes are better than my best. Gorgeous diorama... museum quality.

  5. Excellent stuff Bernie! A figure in the would be great.