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December 9, 2012

Civil War Ships Models at the Navy Yard Museum

 The US Navy Museum at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC is one of the least known, but best museums in the area. Here are photos of some of the ACW era ship models there.
CSS Virginia in drydock

USS Miami, a double ended gunboat

Mighty Mo!
Probably the most impressive models in the museum are the 1/48th scale aircraft carriers and battleships built by the ship contractors. These are huge and highly detailed.

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  1. OOooooooooo...

    Now that's impressive. I was stationed in Pearl Harbor in the late '70s - long before the Missouri was retired there. I'd love to go back and see her! WWII Naval vessels are fascinating. I was watching "the Bridges at Toko-Ri" last night (Korean War), which featured CV34, Oriskany. My father served aboard that bird farm as well as the Coal Sea (which was, interestingly enough, CV 43!). I was stations aboard the ASW platform FF-1071 a glorified destroyer. All ships fascinate me and the ACW represented the very beginnings of the transition between Wooden ships and Iron men and Iron ships and Iron men! Great stuff!!