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December 10, 2012

Baltimore Harbor layout

Holiday parties create a nice break from layout work. Making strawberry Santas and cupcakes is
much like making scenery, just more tasty.
On Saturday I assisted Paul Dolkos in hosting an open house for the NMRA. Paul is building a new layout with a Baltimore industrial harbor theme. The layout is about 40 percent complete, though most of the track is installed and operational. My job, along with Bob Warren, was to keep trains running while Paul entertained guests.

Here is a shot showing me switching the Western Maryland car float at Wagner's Point on Paul's layout.  (Photo by Gerry Fitzgerald).

After Paul's open house, Gerry Fitzgerald and Gabriella Petrick visited the Aquia Line. It had been about three years since Gabriella had last visited so there was lots of new stuff to see. It was a fun visit, enhanced with some homemade raspberry vodka provided by a colleague from work.

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