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August 31, 2022

About those Abutments

 Amby stopped by on Monday to help solder feeders. He was able to get all of them done while he was here. 

Meanwhile, I was working on the bridge abutments and trestle bents. I covered the foam abutments with plastic sheet embossed like stone. I used CAA and baking soda as a gap filling material. Once the abutments were primed and painted with a dark gray, I temporarily installed them in place. 

Then I used a 4-ft level to ensure that the stringers were straight. The bridge is on a grade so the level is not necessary. I just need the straight edge.  I must have deflected the stringers earlier when I placed the weights on them as all the trestle bents needed some shimming to fit. I'll probably build the bridge upside down and them shim under the sills as necessary.

Paul Dolkos stopped by to inspect our progress. We gave him a demonstration of the telegraph system.  Amby pushed the station code buttons while I acted as dispatcher and translated the messages. 

Afterwards  Paul had a bemused smile on his face. I couldn't tell if he was impressed or just thought we were crazy.   Amby said he wants to try dispatching during an op session. 

Amby left and Paul right


  1. Bernie, Are the abutments just plain old pink Styrofoam encased in the plastic sheet? I am a little confused. Looks cool regardless. I am really interested in how you are going to do the water. Is this going to be partially "swamp-like"? Keep the photos and updates coming.

    1. Pink Styrofoam cut to precise measurements on my miter saw. Then covered with plastic embossed stone sheet.