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August 13, 2022


Eeet ees ba-loooon! The plywood bridge and flex track have to be replaced.

I finished laying track at Falmouth this morning. The next step is to remove the flex track and plywood that is currently standing in for the long trestle. Then I can start building the actual parts of the bridge. But before I do that I need to decide where the abutments will be and how they are made. I assume that the original abutments were built by the RF&P so they will be stone.

The terrain in this area is somewhat complex. The trestle cuts across a bend in the creek. The south end  of the bridge is especially hard to visualize. So I decided to add the basic terrain shapes there first. Once they are established that will determine where the abutments will be precisely located.

In the foreground I used pieces of foam. I used cardboard web for the hill in the rear.  That's too big of an area to try to use foam. 

I tacked the balloon on the wall to get a look at how it will appear. It is kind of a scene stealer.  The final vignette will show the ground crew getting the balloon ready for a flight.

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