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August 10, 2022

Time for a big push

Figures painted by Jack Thompson

I restarted work on the Aquia Line after a long break. I am scheduled to host op sessions for the ACWRRHS and an open house in October for MARPM. So I need to get the track finished and operational before then.  Hopefully I can get some scenery and the bridge built by then too.

The long sidings at Falmouth take a lot of spikes!

I have been spiking track over the past 4 days. I have just one turnout and the turntable to go before all the track is laid. I don't spike every tie as I am initially laying the track in case I need to adjust things. Once the track is operating satisfactorily, then I go back and drive 4 spikes in every tie. 

On Saturday Jack Thompson stopped by to do exactly that. He spiked about 3 feet of track by the balloon camp. He also dropped off some figures he painted for me.  Jack is an excellent figure painter. He is also a model railroader and a dedicated re-enactor. I met him through my association with the National Capitol Model Soldier Society. I was a member many years ago and recently restarted attending the meetings.

He was the one that suggested another file of men in the squad by Brooke. ACW units usually marched in files of 4. I have my other units on the layout in 4 files, but I didn't have enough figures painted to do that here.  Thanks to Jack for volunteering to paint the figures to bring them back into regulation. Plus he did a great job.

I was a little rusty in installing the turnouts. Plus I restarted with a double slip. But I got it working OK with just a few foul words. Hopefully the last turnout will go smoothly.

I plan to reuse the turntable from the previous Falmouth, so hopefully that will also go smoothly.  Fingers crossed.

This is the squad Jack's figures will join.

The vultures are waiting.....

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