July 26, 2011

Did someone say reinforcements?

Lt John Drye made another trip north to Pennsylvania to HMGS Historicon to recruit soldiers for the layout. He came back with 80 marching soldiers painted by professional  figure painter Leonard Albright. These combined with the 40 already recruited makes 120 - a decent sized unit.

I did a  little photoshop work to hide the bases in this shot. The boxcar shows how the varying scales work together.

 I intend to pose these between Brook and Potomac Creek. They will be marching along the backdrop. These are 28mm figures, but work well in background scenes as the first photo shows.

I will remove the figures from their wargaming bases when it comes time to install them.

In these shots they are posed in a double line formation. On the layout, they will be in a single 4 man column. There will only be one set of colors and it will likely be cased, i.e. rolled up and covered. The figures are mounted on 2x2 stands (bases) for use in wargaming. I'll have to pop them from the bases to pose them in column following the terrain.  I'll add some wagons and mounted officers to flesh out the column. It should look cool. I may snip off the bayonets, as they probably would be in their sheaths for an non-tactical  move in the railroad area.

Oh, one other thing. I still have several hundred more figures to paint.  It might be time to promote Lt Drye.

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