July 6, 2011

Busy Day at Falmouth

The Falmouth area of the layout is fully operational and almost completely finished with scenery. There are just a few small details left like the roof of the tool shed, installing the telegraph line and finishing the figures at Battery Schaefer.

I though it would be fun to make up a switch list, build a train in the yard and take it out. This is a harbinger of what operations will be like on the model railroad. I am pleased to say that everything worked very well. The new coupler magnets work very well. They are smaller than the previous ones and don't inadvertently grab both pins. The McCallum ran well. The extra weight helped. It had no trouble working the Falmouth yard.

This positive result provides motivation to continue work. Here are some iPhone snaps depicting the action.

Stacking wood at the wood rick. This is a SMR fireman figure.
Two box cars at the freight depot in Falmouth. John Drye painted the two figures, named Doctor Franke and Mr Drye.

This is a first generation switch stand that uses a laser cut base. The new ones are photoetched.

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