July 23, 2011

150th Anniversary of the Battle of Bull Run

I visited the city of Manassas today to see some of the events they had ongoing for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Bull Run. I did not go to the battlefield site, but instead went to the General Officers' encampment downtown near the City Museum. I also went to Camp Manassas at Jennie Dean Park, where some artillery units were camped as well as a balloonist,  sutlers and a African-American couple depicting an typical farm.   

The weather was hot, but not as humid as the previous days. It was fun seeing so many people in period dress.  Here are some pictures and a video depicting a small cavalry charge.

Brian Kammerer and Glenn LaBoeuf,  one of the guest speakers, in front of Brian's art display and sales tent.

Some of the CSA General Officers and their wives at the Lee's Lieutenant's camp near the Manassas Museum. There were lots of women in period dress at the event.

Some of the CSA tents
Some of the mounted officers demonstrated a cavalry charge. The leader sure looks like Stuart.

Part of an artillery battery at Camp Manassas.

The balloon was not flying when I was there. 

A railroad related display in the Manassas City Museum

There were several ambulances on display

Some of the tents at the Union Officers' encampment

The general officers had some elaborate tents.

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