July 26, 2011


Some new reinforcements arrived on the scene. The marching soldiers were painted by John Drye.  In the background you can see the tool shed in its final location. I made the roof removable so you can see the detailed interior. I also finished placing the artillery gunners doing their gunnery drill at Battery Schaefer, which you can see in the blurry background. The Falmouth scene is almost 100 percent done.

The lead soldier sure looks tired. These are 40mm Sash and Sabre figures.

What's he doing up there anyway?

He is an ugly chap.

I painted the converted wire man that I described earlier. He is a Cannon Model Railroad figure with a Old Glory head and some Andrea Sculpt putty for a shell jacket. I haven't decided where he will finally go.


  1. Do 28mm figures work with this scale? The wargame figures look great.

  2. Yes, they work well as background figures. I am using figures from varying scales in this project. I place them according to their size. Many of these figures are differnt sizes even though they are notionally a certain scale.