July 28, 2011

A glimpse at the objective

I was building trucks for a new batch of freight cars tonight. This is painstaking detail work. For example, each truck requires applying 24 NBWs, as well as fabricating operating brakes on half of them. While waiting for some 5 minute epoxy to cure, I took a break. I stepped into the other room, fired up the Easy DCC and took McCallum for a spin on the layout.

As it chugged past Clairborne Creek, I stopped to take a snap with my iPhone. This photo illustrates the final objective appearance of the layout. But the layout can not just look good, it must run well too.  I think I am getting there.  I now have about 25 linear feet of the layout fully complete out of about a total 120. I predict it will take another 3 or 4 years to finish, but it is nice to have a small portion done to the final standard, with trains running with sound. It would be great to have the golden spike ceremony before March 2013, the 150th anniversary of the line. So I better get cracking.

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