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March 30, 2012

Dioramas on display at Collingwood Library and Museum

No blog updates for a while as we are chasing little white balls through the Carolina sand hills. But in the meantime, the Collingwood Library and Museum will be displaying some of my Civil War military dioramas for the next couple months. Stop by there and check them out. Their website is here: Collingwood Library 

It is a really nice place in a spectacular location on the Potomac River just north of George Washington's Mount Vernon. In fact, George Washington used to own Collingwood.


  1. Hello from Ottawa. Nice to see you can get out to golf already. Lela and I are looking forward to playing soon. The Layout looks great. I really enjoy the theme and follow its progress with enthusiasm


    1. Chris,
      Thanks. It has been a warm winter and golf was almost summer like in NC. It was fun to take abreak from the layout, but I kicked back in as soon as I got home.